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...to experience in the active sense requires that one ventures forth into the unfamiliar and experiment with the elusive and the uncertain.
Yi Fu Tuan, Space and Place.1977. Minneappolis and London.University of Minnesota Press.pp9

I work in an investigative way, pursuing the subject of the work at different levels; this often leads me to work across media, although my primary mediums tend towards drawing and moving image. My interests stem from living and working in a rural environment investigating how and in what ways specific geographic site can be utilised as subject. My aim has been to achieve this through a synthesis of differing research strands, which would encompass drawing, moving image installation, theoretical and contextual investigations. Within my practice, I use my lens or my pencil as a broad language of gesture, which maps, color, form and movement as a way to reveal perceptual change, a phenomenological attempt at deconstructing the experience of proximate place, not to show mimetically or critically the distribution of things in space but how experience of place may be reclaimed as encounter by the viewer.

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